What is ContactDefense?

  • ContactDefense is a patent pending active sanitizing device for credit cards, hotel key cards, paper cash bills, pens, and coins 
  • ContactDefense protects customers and employees from exchanging germs while passing these commonly used items like plastic cards, cash, coins, and pens, during typical counter/retail transactions

How does it work?

  • ContactDefense sanitizes credit cards, hotel key cards, cash paper bills, pens, and coins in just seconds!
  • ContactDefense uses UVC light to sanitize and disinfect both sides of the item simultaneously as it passes through the device.
  • ContactDefense controls the movement of these items at a set speed to ensure the proper exposure dosage of UV light to effectively sanitize the item.

What is the Pre-order process?

  • ContactDefense is a crowd-funded startup, now accepting pre-orders for this exciting, new sanitizing device
  • Once 350 units of pre-orders is reached to meet the crowd-funding target, then the leadtime for pre-order delivery will begin
  • Expected leadtime for pre-order delivery is 8 to 12 weeks